Moreish Butchery Palmerston North - producers of the finest quality meats in the country. 


Moreish produce free range and/or organic meat, dealing direct with their farmers for complete traceability from gate to plate. 

They know and love all their farmers, the farmers love their animals and you will love their meat.

 Barb and Lloyd Fitzsimons began their family on a farm in Taranaki, living the Kiwi dream.  

In the winter the children helped with the farm and in the summer they spent their days building huts, swimming and eeling.   After moving to Palmerston North they decided that it was time their happy, free range, naturally reared poultry was available to everyone, so in 2009 Moorish opened their doors.

Very quickly things got busy and so Barb and Lloyd could stay focused on the farm, daughter Nicola wholeheartedly dived into managing the store.  Her attitude is “every problem has a solution it’s just a matter of finding it.” 

In 2010 Moreish humbly won “The Best New Business” award presented by “Her Business Network”.

With the intention of making their top quality products available to as many New Zealanders as possible, Nicola has grown the business.   This includes allowing Edesia Online Farmers Market make the organic beef and lamb, free range pork and Nitrate free bacon(s) available to order online.

Most recently Nicola has managed an extension of the butchery, from paperwork to paint, whilst mastering the juggling act that comes with a young family. (German Shepard included).

Nicola believes you are what you eat, and Kiwis would benefit from choosing less, good quality meat, rather than the large amounts we consume as a nation.   From gate to plate traceability is the only way to assure your meat is farmed with ethics and integrity.  The Moreish team take pride in knowing all their producers, their practices and certification.  This means your meat is genuine free range, stress free, and farmed without the use of hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s. 

Moreish game meats come from one of New Zealand’s few MAF approved farms, which assures that there is no contamination from DOC pest control methods such as 1080.

 Building on their success they now have a huge network of ethical and organic farmers that supply their family business.   They have sustained a substantial increase in demand and attracted attention from the most discerning clientele. 


The butchers are the foundation of the Moreish family team and with over 50 years’ experience, there is no exception to the finest quality assurance they give.  Presenting a large range of preservative free, nitrate free and gluten free specialty items that don’t skimp on flavour, they understandably take great pride in what they deliver.  

The sausages are made from pure meat herbs and spices, and don’t contain any fats, fillers or fakers.  This way you are not consuming plastic casing or disappointing ham flavoured dish sponge experience’s. 

Moreish Oxford Dictionary definition: so pleasant one wants to eat more. 

Carbon footprint is not just a word to this team.  They choose, recyclable and biodegradable where possible and actively recycle instead of send to landfill.

Some words from Moreish:

We believe the food you feed your family should be as naked and natural as the day you were born.  You should know what has gone into your food.  If you buy meat, it should be just that - meat.  Not that indecipherable stuff pumped full of additives or antibiotics.  It’s no good for the animals and it’s not good for us either.

 The lovely Nicola – when she is not working, she can be found either at the beach, on some ski’s or in the kitchen whipping up some foodie magic for her gorgeous boys. 


You can pre-order, for delivery, a selection of their best meats online here




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