About Us

Us, our beliefs and goals.

We believe NZ produces wonderful, healthy food and that sourcing it should be easy, painless and prompt.

For us "Treating Ourselves" to great food is a way of life and not just for special occasions! Nurturing our family and friends is in all our blood. Putting healthy food on the table is our way of showing we care and love those around us.

We are genuinely concerned for peoples wellbeing and have a solution to taking the stress out of food shopping (by ordering online), to source healthy chemical free foods and produce.

We are here to help promote the selected producers whilst providing a means to buy their wares without you having to travel the length of our beautiful country to find them.

We are dedicated to bringing you a fine selection of Gourmet, Artisan and Healthy NZ foods. Quality foods from producers and market stall holders who care. 

It is not our intention to supply everything supermarkets do, they have their necessities. We work at bringing a selection of the best local market stall holders and quality food producers foods NZ has, easily to you.

Our intention is to work alongside our passionate producers to broaden their market and let them concentrate on doing what they love best, producing great food. 

The name "Edesia" (pronounced E-D-C-R) was chosen as "she" is the goddess of fine, quality foods. Fine quality foods and great service are what we are about.

Concerned for the environment we have chosen ecologically sound suppliers and packaging wherever realistic.

We wish you great health and happiness


Edesia Recommended

edesia recommended

Only a superior sample of NZ foods and produce will make it to the "shelves" of our online market place. We carefully check what we represent and as such we believe our suppliers can be proud to have our endorsement and our end customers can rely on the integrity that has gone into what we recommend.