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Product Description

Bachka Salami {Backa Salama} - Medium Spicy Pair pack approx 300g

Ingredients: 100% NZ free-range Pork,  Paprika, NZ Organic Sea Salt, NZ Fresh Garlic, Spices, Beech Wood Smoke

Gluten free 

From Salash Delicatessen comes this remarkably rich and lavishly spiced Bachka Salami.

Staying true to its regional origins of northern Serbia, the Bachka Salami has a lively flavour of Hungarian paprika and garlic. The Bachka Salami suits those who prefer a bit of heat in their salami, but not too much to override the great flavour.

This is a popular favourite and packed with rich and robust flavours. It is best enjoyed in thin slices with bread, on antipasto dishes, or paired with one of our organic cheeses. It also adds a burst of flavour to a home-made pizza.

Like all of Salash Delicatessen’s artisan meats, the Bachka Salami has a complex flavour with minimal ingredients. Made from 100% NZ free-range pork and organically sourced seasonings and spices, it doesn’t need any artificial additives or preservatives to enhance its flavour.

Passed down through generations, Salash’s recipe remains unchanged. The pork is hand-selected to ensure it’s of the finest quality and the meat is completely trimmed of fat before being spiced and ground. Traditionally cold-smoked and air-dried for seven weeks, the Bachka Salami from Salash Delicatessen retains its authenticity.

The deeply intense flavour of the Bachka salami will have you going back for more. Order yours today!

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HAPPY THURSDAY!As we prepare for another busy weekend of markets around town, we reminisce on where we started several years ago.If you wanted to learn more about what we are all about, check out a video TVNZ Neighbourhood did of us a while ago. We love this video, it really shows who we are and what we are all about.We have stayed true to our values and carried this on for generations and hope it carries on with generations to come.We would like to thank all our staff, from our full time staff to our dedicated stall holders in the weekends, without you guys and our customers Salash wouldn't be where it is now. (y)Team Salash#salashdeli#serbian #natural #glutenfree #dairyfree #pork #salami #auckland #newzealand

Posted by Salash Delicatessen on Wednesday, August 5, 2015