Genevieve's Classic Caesar Dressing

Product Description

Caesar dressing is as well known as Caesar himself and perhaps even more widely loved.

For its zesty flavour and decadent parmesan quality, Genevieve’s  Caesar dressing is the perfect addition to salads of any kind. Versatile enough to be enjoyed with a lettuce salad or meat based salad that includes chicken or bacon; Caesar dressing coats any salad in creamy goodness.

But don’t stop at just salads, Caesar dressing is great on roast chicken and over potatoes or other roasted veg.

And of course Genevieve’s dressing is made in New Zealand using all natural ingredients including sunflower oil which is Gluten and egg free, there are no added stabilisers or emulsifiers and of course biodegradable packaging. 

With a hint of anchovy, black pepper, Parmesan and lemon; Genevieve’s Caesar Dressing will be a hit with the whole family.

So why not add a restaurant quality touch to your salads today by applying a gentle drizzle of Genevieve’s Caesar dressing.

This is a chilled product and available to all NZ North island on rural delivery addresses.

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