Tea Salami - Salash Delicatessen - Mild Pair pack approx 300g

Product Description

One pair of Salami's approx 300g              

Ingredients: 100% NZ free-range Pork, Hand Selected Lean NZ Beef, NZ Sea Salt, Raw Sugar, Cracked Pepper, Spices, Beech Wood Smoke

Irresistible and distinctive, Salash Tea Salami is the everyday eating salami that will have you wanting more.

From the talented Mirkov brothers at Salash Delicatessen, the Tea Salami is yet another authentic creation by the Serbian pair. The brothers have a vast heritage of artisan meats and are renowned for using original family recipes. Tried and true, the Tea Salami has been produced by the family for generations and continues to be a favourite among its consumers.

The Tea Salami is well-known for its distinctive flavour and traditional curing process. After cold-smoking in beech wood, the Tea Salami is slowly matured until it reaches its optimum flavour. It is then stuffed into a natural casing and hand tied.

The perfect balance of beef and pork makes the Tea Salami a rich and robust ingredient for a hearty snack or canapé.

For such complexity of flavour, the Tea Salami is made up of a handful of simple, yet high-quality ingredients. 100% NZ free-range pork, lean NZ beef, NZ sea salt, raw sugar, black pepper and spices, are all it needs to become a beautiful piece of salami.

Free from artificial additives and preservatives, Tea Salami lives up to the promises of Salash Delicatessen. It is also free from GE ingredients, starter cultures and chemicals.

The Tea Salami is an ideal choice for everyday family meals. Order yours today!